LUMP: Laura Marling + Mike Lindsay

This new collaboration, a surreal but somehow cohesive narrative slicing through the apparent meaninglessness of modern life, was born from a chance meeting between producer Mike Lindsay (Tunng, Throws) and three-time Mercury-nominated songwriter Laura Marling. Lindsay invited Marling to step into his world, to unite their energies and create LUMP. 

Lindsay’s compositional style is remarkably visual and colourful, mathematic yet emotive. A mix of wonked out guitars, Moog synthesizers and pulsing drums set against drones of flutes and voices. Marling’s lyrics are inspired by André Breton’s Manifestoes of Surrealism, Edward Lear’s nonsense verse and the absurdist poetry of Ivor Cutler. 

LUMP acknowledges the mundane absurdness of individualism and how it provokes us to try and escape our own meaninglessness. Slathered with cynicism for the new age, it laments: “we salute the sun/because when the day is done/we can’t believe what we’ve become/something else to prey upon”.