Body language with Jennifer Hartley

Communication from one person to another is often deemed the most natural asset of the human race. There are many different levels of communication: voice and language, body language, and facial expressions – direct communication and indirect communication.    

This workshop aims to highlight the different forms of communication on a conscious and sub-conscious level. It will bring awareness to our own body language and facial expressions when communicating, and how we recognise body language traits of others. How can these techniques be used to be more open when communicating? 

Dr. Jennifer Hartley studied theatre and therapy after completing a degree in Literature and Linguistics. An international speaker, lecturer and trainer on both theory and practice, Jennifer specialises in therapy through drama. She has developed her methodology, which she now uses to work with minority and oppressed groups internationally. Jennifer is the founder and director of the UK registered charity Theatre Versus Oppression.  


Jennifer Hartley